The annual Band budget generally runs from $30,000 to $40,000 for the overhead and expenses of
running the program. The most important source of general fund money to cover these expenses
comes from the Band Booster’s Bingo operation.

The Commonwealth of Virginia allows non-profit charitable
groups to organize, operate, and use the proceeds of Bingo games and raffles to fund general operating
expenses. The funds cannot go to a specific person, but every band student benefits from these funds, (Concert Band, Jazz Stage Band, Symphonic Band, Marching Band and Colorguard).

The Band Boosters operate bingo sessions normally once a month year-round.
Participation in Bingo is expected: each student & at least one parent are expected to work one session per year.

The revenue generated through Bingo contributes over 40% of our entire budget for the year.
Without Bingo, the costs would be passed directly to the students, creating a huge financial burden for our parents. One day a year for students and parents is a bargain!

Bingo is held at Valley Hall in Vinton, VA.. Students and parents are required to
be at the hall from 12:30pm until about 4:30pm. Parent workers are encouraged to work the same night as their children.

Please click below to sign up for one of our Bingo Sessions.

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